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June 25, 2008


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Alex Fayle

Raul and I only speak Spanish in the house unless he's really tired and can't speak slowly enough and so speaks English. We're lucky because his English is rough so the default is Spanish.

My recommendation would be to speak French in the house only - it'll be very hard on Marc who will want to just say things in English, but if you want to learn, I don't think one day a week will do it.

One thing - Raul is just beginning to speak Spanish on the phone - he usually speaks English because it's much harder to understand on the phone.

Good luck!

Jacki Hollywood Brown

Ah, je me souviens... la difficulté d'apprendre une nouvelle langue. Même après quelques années j'ai la misère de m'exprimer avec ma vraie personnalité. Mon truc pour apprendre le français? http://www.druide.com


I would take a few private lessons.. just to get me going.

Thank you for including MomGrind in your Blogroll.

Enjoy your vacation!



Are your blog posts going to be in French on Fridays as well? (with translations, I hope!)


As my kids would say... "good luck with that!"

Wishing you the best,


Urban Panther

Alex - bearing in mind you did take several months of immersion first. However, I agree the only way to learn it is to do it. The Lion and I like to tell each other stories way too much to speak only French right now. Let me see how once per week goes and we'll take it from there *smile*

Jacki - merci beaucoup. I was thinking of getting some software. The Lion is taking correspondence courses in the Fall, so while he is spending the time doing that, I might plug away at online French lessons.

Vered - tried some night school courses in French, but the Lion kept telling me I wasn't saying things properly. In other words, I was speaking real French *grin*. I gave up in frustration. My goal is to function in Quebec, not in France.

Wendi - thanks so much for the moral support LOL And what you may end up with on Fridays is complete gibberish resembling nothing like English or French. Frenglish?


Oh, and by the way, I've challenged you! *smiles*

Tag... you're it.



je ne sai pas.

i took french twice and don't speak a lick. love the language though. i understand how you would feel left out. if you find out how you can learn it with ease, let me know. rosetta stone is supposed to be very good.

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